I'm addicted to wonder.

Storyteller. Creative Strategist. Chief Mind Officer.

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"We would highly recommend Martin. Excellent work taking ownership of a problem and seeing it through. His communication is top-notch."
- Upwork Client
Successful Series-C startup, San Francisco

My Story

I’m a storyteller, creative strategist, Chief Mind Officer. I love to wonder. Curious about ideas and quick to see connections and meanings, I inspire others with my visions of the future.

Fascinated by opportunities to explore, I have an inner core of values that guides my interactions and decisions. I enjoy being involved in work that contributes to my own and others’ growth and inner development - to have a purpose beyond the paycheck.

I’ve been helping clients, around the world, with their online and offline experience and their growth. Also, I am the creator of And I Wonder, founder of Hug Like You Mean It and Avocado Experience.

I have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve.

What I do: 
I design experience.

With my company
Avocado Experience

I do strategy, branding, web design. Full service.

I'm also a Webflow Expert.

Innovating & Creative

Creative and driven, I’m a born innovator and a problem solver, using my artistic talent to find new solutions to conventional problems.

A collaborative and curious non-conformist, I love cultivating original ideas, outside-the-box solutions, generating creative possibilities and seeing new, innovative ideas come to life.

As a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit, I’m agile and forward-thinking by nature, and enjoy using digital tools and emerging technologies to explore the complexities of human potential.

Positively Impact Lives

Passionate and empathetic, I care deeply about relationships and I commit to do what's right and focus on creating lasting value.

To warm people’s hearts, for example, we organize “Hug-A-Thons”. Together with my wife and partner, we gave hugs in romantic Paris, in mesmerizing Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bali and with our friend, Erwin Benedict Valencia, also in Prague. The list keeps growing.

This is for fun, for now. We created a company called Hug Like You Mean It and have plans that goes way beyond.

Leader & Teacher

Having long-range visions, I readily see the whole context alongside many possibilities for the future. I articulate a vision to provide a sense of purpose, persevere in the pursuit of my passion and remind the team of the values, inspiring others to achieve the seemingly impossible.

As an impactful and collaborative leader, I throw myself into projects and enjoy being involved directly and seeing projects through from beginning to end. I can act without a complete plan, having a strong drive to provide the highest-quality output, showing trust and supporting others in getting work done.

More projects coming soon. Stay tuned.

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I’m available for hire to consult on and design products, strategies, and ideas.
Based in Prague, Czechia, I both work remotely and travel to work with clients world-wide.

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“I'm successful thanks to the visions I build on creative and innovative thinking, the ability to learn new things fast and the responsibility in everything I do.”
Martin Doubravský, Me, Prague